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I built a nonprofit business around the idea of providing free cloud security lessons and professional cybersecurity mentoring. I host a discord server where I teach lessons and host infosec exercises.

Please keep it classy.


A word about blackhat

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Despite what you may have heard, nobody is going to trust you to handle infosec if you can’t work a simple BASH terminal. We have a serious community of doers here, and resources to help you learn the basics of things like BASH, ZSH, and Kali Linux. These challenges are designed for Kali Linux; but you can use what you like.

Our training pathways consist of proven systems from the platforms the industry trusts.

Professional partnerships and content made by the community, for the community.

Our partners are vetted, community-driven humans that support open source. No gatekeepers here.

And we bring it all together with

Free of charge.

We provide the mentoring and the setting for you to ask the hard questions and get real answers.
We provide CTFs and black boxes to exercise your mind and your technique.
We teach you how to build a killer infosec lab at home and in the cloud.

The official NSS Discord server has launched. Please enjoy your dig.

Do you want to help? Email Shane at with your ideas

Our goal is to close the skills gap and get people working in cybersecurity by 2025

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Click here for resources that will make your life in terminal easier
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Capture-The-Flag Tournaments

Official #NOSHITSECURITY CTFs are currently genius hopeless.

Current Capture-The-Flag Pot:

1K or later:

1x PentesterLab Pro 1-Month Subscription

Quantity: 3

Last Updated: 11-16-2020 – Look back for future events

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