sincera's pandora

#architectCTF spoilers

Curl the /shovel, that was a gift. vig fortytwo, but encrypt; what a trip!

Round and round and round we go we go; fortytwo fortytwo fortytwo, OH!

fortytwo failing you? feel like i’m ROTten? shovel is anagram– starT frOm the mottob (:

You will see half, and this is ok, some kind of skeleton work is at play.

Next look at /dinosaur, that one is cute. Purple and portable, instructions to boot!

Look past the curtain, you know the way. Search for the dinosaur key; keep it safe.

Scour for talent, look past the curtain. Half of the code to the truth, this is certain.

One will find dashes, try to combine. Instructions unclear? The /shovel can’t lie.

Once you have shortened the skeleton key, vig it to architect EXIF to see.

Dinosaur key for the fossil and poof; use it with steghide, discover the truth.

fortytwo failing you? feel like i’m rotten? truth also anagram– start from the bottom :)

Truth is a bombshell, what is this trick? Ignore all the rabbits and stick to the schtick.

To look beyond the curtain=green try adding /